Modern fashion design of pure white Eyeglass display cabinets and Glass showcase

Production Details:  Eyeglass display cabinets

Modern fashion design of pure white Eyeglass display cabinets and Glass showcase


NO. ESDF084 Eyeglass display cabinets

Size Optional:

display Counter about 1400*800*1100

can customized size and extension

Material Optional:

a) mainly E1 grade MDF or plywood by structure materials 

b) covered choose: wood veneer or HPL(Formica laminate) or pure painting, also can use melamine(cheaper choose)

c) all environmental protection 


a) good quality in assemble

b) KD structure


a) as our model

b) optional

Package :

a) bubble bag [transparent EPE bag]

b) MDF package

c) hard carton

additional: corner protection& kraft


1 sets, depends on which model you want.

Payment Terms:

a)  T/T, L/C

  c) Western Union 


a) one year against manufacturing defect

b) offer lifetime consultation on problems occurred

Supplementary Explanation

Color: optional collocation
Material: MDF, wood board, core board, plywood, particleboard, melamine board etc.
Lighting choice: LED lamp, NVC lights, ordinary bracket lamp, halogen lamp, cold light lamp, warm light.
Design Description: this showcase from sampling to cut expected vehicle material to paints, packaging process are ordered to complete. Grasp the characteristics of beautiful and elegant, simple and elegant design, product design, fashion, noble and elegant.
Product description:
Cover: Showcase premium high green paint, smooth, uniform color, good gloss, matte light optional.
Internal structure: a combination of hardware accessories showcase month perfect clogs,
Skirting: Showcase including stainless steel, protect the showcase, prolong the service life, improve the appearance of the.

Warranty maintenance:
1, avoid long time exposure in the sun, in order to avoid Showcase surface and glue at hurt. Avoid using solvents and strong cleaning agent, polishing agent and other surface treatment.
2, don't showcase placed in the water close to the place, to prevent moisture absorption caused by the deformation of jewelry, moldy.
3, clean and convenient, with a soft towel can be used to remove the surface of the dust, the product environment adaptability is strong, generally do not need to deliberately maintain
4, display cabinets with stains on the surface, can be used to clean the cloth after the dry water gently wipe, or use a special paint surface cleaning agent in accordance with the instructions to use.


How to finish a project for custom retail displays furniture and store fixtures

1, The measurement on site(1-2days by client)
Every shopping mall or store is in accordance with the division of the field, according to 
the different use, brand, function, hope to get the good effect of display design, etc.. So, 
the field survey and size measurement is the first step to do the key things. In actual work, 
the customer need pass to us about shop plan or measurement data.

2, The selection of design idea/Concept (2-3days by manufacturer)
According to the standards of the brand(VI), or unique showcase requirements, tell us 
about your product and your goal - we'll work together to help you develop the design. 
We'll take into consideration space constraints, cost, time, and function. Or, if you already 
have a design, proceed directly to...

3, The integrated solution (2-3days by manufacturer)   
We will provide a large number of original design and previous cases for the reference, and 
according to your special demands and total budget, recommended integration solutions, 
which includes design, products, logistics, on-site installation etc.

4, Plan Drawing / Interiors Design/ 3D Prototype(3-5days by manufacturer) 
We can work from a sketch, picture, or CAD drawing. The accurate size, how many display 
cabinets and fix to which place, different functions?

Once a design is in place, we'll create a 3D prototype to ensure the materials and design 
meet all of your requirements. We will discuss any changes that  need to be made or cost 
reduction measures that need to be taken.

5, The budget and price calculation(2-3days by manufacturer)
Overall design and selection of product materials is the key cost of the price, of course, 
there also need consider for integrated shipping logistics and installation costs, for example, 
which size is a combined cabinets, for KD or assembled structure.
The most suitable design, the most functional configuration combination, the most reasonable
choice of materials, to find the balance point of budget and price.

6, The production in workshop (18-25days by manufacturer)
A, Confirm the structure drawing and sample list (wood finish color, glass, metal, light, 
acrylic and so on)
B, Production process: 
Preparation for materials(2-3days)-->
Wood working and structure assemble(7-12days)-->
Sanding and polishing(2-3days) -->
Undercoating and polishing(1-2days)-->
Top finishing(2-3days) -->
Final assembly with glass, metal, light and other elements(2-3days)-->
C, Inspection during all the process, incoming materials inspection, trial assemble and 
structure inspection, painting inspection, combination in room inspection, packing inspection, 
etc. before the shipment. 

We'll ensure they are of the highest quality and are completed on time.

7, The shipment and to your project site (the time depend on your country)
We can make your life as easy as pie with our professional project management, shipping
logistics, and fulfillment services;
Need your new display furniture and store fixture shipped to any multiple locations? 
We can do that!

Factory Profiles:

Presentation/Materials/Quality control/Shipping logistics


Please contact, i am a display solution privider for you:

Contact person:Kevin Lee

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